Airam Payton Pending

Whelped 7/11/2003

Sire:  Ch Airam Tri A Nice Reprint

Dam: Ch Deerod Blak Mink (Impt Aust)


What can I say about this boy, he stole my heart.  He is the sole survivor from this litter.  After overcoming a difficult delivery and   having to be hand reared , we then  faced the ordeal of having to have his tummy  fixed where it was torn at birth.  

On his 9 week birthday Payton under went major  surgery and we are so pleased to be able to say it was a success .  Payton's amazing temperament and zest for life has made this all worthwhile.

Payton was always destined for another home as he was never show quality but as time went on and I  turned down wonderful homes for him it become obvious that he had found his home.  I adore this pup and console myself with the thought that we can do obedience and in the meantime he has the very important job of warming my knee at night.


9 weeks


4 weeks


4 weeks


2 weeks